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Rainbow Six Vegas for PSP

Including online multiplayer.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 may be the focus for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, but publisher Ubisoft announced on Friday that its Quebec City studio is working on a PSP version as well.

That version of Vegas will follow a parallel storyline to the next-gen versions, with the player taking control of assault specialist Brian Armstrong and sniper Shawn Rivers in a new single-player campaign.

You'll be able to switch between the two on the fly, and use first- and third-person viewpoints, with various unlockables available if you're any good - including a special "Terrorist Hunt" mode.

There'll also be a multiplayer mode, which supports up to six players via wireless ad hoc and infrastructure (i.e. online) connections, with six "classic" Rainbow Six maps available to play in Survival (deathmatch) or Team Survival modes.

The whole caboodle's due out this Christmas, with retailers the other side of the pond pointing to a November 7th date.