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Vegas Red Edition DLC

New game modes and maps.

Virtual field agents amongst you should be chuffed, as Ubisoft has announced new Xbox Live downloadable content for Rainbow Six Vegas, due for release towards the end of March.

The Player's Pack Red Edition will bring two new game modes and five multiplayer maps to the tactical table, as well as revisiting Border Town and Killhouse maps to offer a new gameplay experience.

Assassination mode is the first of the new game types, playable over the 10 original and five new maps. The attackers' goal here is to eliminate the opposing team's VIP, which the defenders will be trying to escort to the extraction zone.

The second new addition is Total Conquest, a team-orientated affair based around three Mobile Radar Installations. Activate and maintain control of one or more of these for a given length of time and you'll win.

The three new maps included are Doscala Restaurant, an Italian eatery with authentic pepperoni, we imagine; Marshalling Yard, an industrial service area primarily used for storing cars; and Roof, a coffee factory overrun by the continuing gang violence in the area: apparently its strategic positioning makes it a highly desirable control point.

This content is exclusive to Xbox 360 at the moment. More information is expected soon.

Ubisoft has consistently patched and improved Rainbow Six Vegas since its launch last year. You can find our review of the game elsewhere on the site, along with screenshots of the sparkly-new maps and game modes.

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