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X360 v PS3 Multiformat Face-Off, Round Three

Clash of the Titans.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Once again Eurogamer bravely ventures into the no-man's-land of cross-platform games development with the latest in our ongoing PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 features.

The objectives here are very straightforward. Due to the way that code is distributed by the publishers, Eurogamer tends to review the Xbox 360 games first, so the main aim is to play 'catch-up' and provide additional platform-specific commentary where appropriate. We're interested in any gameplay differences, along with peripheral or feature support exclusive to a particular console. But additionally, we're also keen on charting the progress of cross-format development more generally, so we also provide technical observations and comparison shots that highlight the similarities and differences between the various versions.

As always we do our best to ensure that the screenshots we take are of the utmost quality. Thanks to the arrival of a plush, new, slightly quieter Xbox 360 Elite (reviewed previously) and its all-important direct digital output, we're able to provide all screenshots on both formats via lossless 24-bit HDMI, hooked up to a HD capture unit, captured at both 720p and 1080p where appropriate.

Colour saturation appears to vary depending on the system and the game, but full-range RGB was a must on both systems (Xbox 360 spring update and PS3 firmware 1.81) with the same capture calibration used for both systems.

So enough of the technical fripperies and onto the stars of the show: the games themselves; a range of titles old and new, with much to discuss and then slag each other off about: