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Vegas PC patched up

Look at the fixes on that.

Ubisoft has been splatting bugs that were buzzing around the PC version of tactical-shooter Rainbow Six Vegas.

It's also been adding things, too, like Assassination and Conquest game modes, widescreen support, and the option to change your name when playing over a LAN. We'd change ours to "Is this 1998?"

Among the lengthy list of fixes in version 1.05 is the good news that Punkbuster should now work properly, hopefully putting and end to cheating online. And overall stability has also been improved.

Thankfully Logan won't be able to drift through walls when ducking for cover any more, either, following the example set by grenades - which now adhere to that silly old thing you call physics.

Magical weapons spouting off of their own accord will now behave, and dead people will no longer be able to talk to the living. Unless that little boy with the soft hair is around.

Head over to the official Rainbow Six Vegas site for a list of download locations, as well as the entire and scintillating list of changes.

Look out for our review of Rainbow Six Vegas for PC elsewhere on the site.