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R6 Vegas "Black Edition" live

Five new maps, 800 more points.

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Those of you with points left to burn after the "Red Edition" Player's Pack for Rainbow Six Vegas captured and held 800 of your Microsoft points now have the option to sink the same amount into a matching Black Edition.

On Xbox Live Marketplace today, the 705MB downloadable add-on features five multiplayer maps - including a "reduxed" version of "Streets" and the return of "PRESIDIO" from Rainbow Six III. Others are newcomers called things like "Red Lotus" and "Wartorn". Rrrra.

"Place your bets on the Player's Pack: Black Edition to complete the ultimate Vegas experience," the blurb on Major Nelson's blog concludes, and we repeat so as to add a third paragraph to an otherwise-complete story and stop the page looking wonky.

For more on Rainbow Six Vegas (although it seems like we needn't have bothered now), check in with our Rainbow Six Vegas gamepage, where 270 of you claim to own it, and the rest just sit around reading reviews, submitting reader-reviews and watching videos.

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