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Bully due in October

BBFC says it's still unrated.

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Rockstar's boringly controversial console title Bully is due for release in October, CNN/Money reports.

The publisher has started talking a bit more openly about Bully in recent weeks - confirming that the game is in development and reportedly adding that it's now a PlayStation 2 exclusive.

The company has even started to show it off to the press, although the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) told us "it isn't anywhere near ready" when we asked whether the game had been rated yet.

The game stars teenager Jimmy Hopkins, student at the fictional Bullworth Academy, who has to defend himself against bullies using various weapons and pranks.

Which all sounds fairly benign, although apparently not to anti-bullying campaigners and grandstanding politicians, who are concerned it'll be rather closer to Rockstar's previous output than Grange Hill.

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