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Dead Rising PAL uncensored

Capcom confirms: no cuts.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Capcom has said that Dead Rising will make it to Europe next month intact, with no cuts made to the version that came out in the USA yesterday.

"Dead Rising's brilliant violence has been completely preserved for European audiences," a spokesperson told Eurogamer. "No cuts have been made to the PAL version."

In light of what happened to Xbox exclusive Ninja Gaiden - shorn of decapitations for the sake of pacifying a few people who probably weren't going to play it anyway - several readers had written in asking whether there was anything to watch out for in Dead Rising's case. Two of them were called Paul, oddly.

You can sort of see why Pauls were concerned though - especially if you've played the demo, out on Xbox Live Marketplace at the moment, where you start off sledgehammering skulls into a fine pâté and then move on to whacking a scythe into necks and jerking heads off. Before really letting go of yourself.

The full game's currently slated for a September 8th release in the UK, although that may change. We'll be bringing you our thoughts on it soon, obviously.

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