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New Tales RPG in production

Destiny or Symphonia?

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1UP notes today that Namco producer Akira Yoshizumi has confirmed in the latest issue of Japanese Nintendo Dream magazine that another game in the Tales RPG series is currently in production, adding that the Namco Tales Studio will continue to work with animation company Production I.G.

Such an announcement won't come as much of a surprise to followers of the series, particularly after Famitsu readers recently voted Cube instalment Tales of Symphonia the game they were most contented with in 2003 - ahead of the likes of Mario Kart: Double Dash in second and Square Enix's rival Final Fantasy X-2 in third.

Producer Yoshizumi-san has so far offered no clues as to what sort of direction the next Tales game will take - whether it will stick to the series' 2D origins ala the recent PS2 title Tales of Destiny 2, or whether it will continue down Tales of Symphonia's path with real-time 3D worlds and characters - nor which platform the developer might opt for, just that the game is on the way.

Tales of Symphonia, meanwhile, is due out in the US on June 30th, although sadly Namco has yet to announce any corresponding European plans for the critically acclaimed RPG.

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