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PSP could have RSS text feeds

If you shout loudly enough.

Having drawn a bit of criticism in the past week for talking up RSS support in its version 2.6 firmware for PSP and then limiting it to audio content like podcasts, Sony has said that it may well add RSS text feeds in future.

IDG News reports that SCEI spokeswoman Nanako Kato said the company will consider the addition should users request it - presumably through regional website support forms and the like.

Sony's been gradually adding more and more functionality to the PSP with each new firmware release - web browsing, more video support, more audio, wallpapers, WMA support - and following an initial period of reluctance has been quite reasonable about accepting divergent formats, so introducing RSS text feeds, already ubiquitous on the Internet itself, would seem like an obvious next step.

That said, anybody still running 1.5 firmware - or downgraded from 2.0 - can already avail themselves of a number of third-party solutions to the problem. As well as eBook readers, homebrew games, LucasArts adventures, and so on and so forth. So even if there isn't a significantly loud public interest in RSS in official firmware, that kind of activity might help prompt such an inclusion regardless.

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