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Mega Man PSP titles dated

They're out in the spring.

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Capcom has announced new European release dates for its forthcoming Mega Man PSP titles.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, which features revamped graphics, extra cut-scenes and voice acting and an animated movie revealing the origins of the Mega Man X series, is out on February 24th.

MM fans are in for another treat on March 24th, when Mega Man Powered Up hits the shelves. Once again you can expect an audio and video overhaul, plus redesigned levels, new techniques for overcoming obstacles and the Mega Man Challenge 100 - a set of 100 short stages and challenges, complete with two new bosses and the option to play as the boss robots in the main game.

Plus there's even a level editor, and you can share levels you've created either via Wi-Fi or over the net. Mega.

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