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WOW addon playable at BlizzCon

More details this month.

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Blizzard's as-yet unnamed expansion for World of Warcraft will be playable during BlizzCon, the developer's inaugural hoping-to-be-annual get-together for fans of all things Blizzard, which takes place in California later this month.

Speaking about the pack recently, quest and overall game designer Shawn Carnes told fan site, "Any new quest arcs will fit into existing areas and arcs. Since WoW takes players on a deliberate path through the levels in specific areas, any new quests need to take advantage of these areas and pair up with existing content instead of making new areas for the same level range and moving or splitting up the player population." You can read more on Carnes' comments elsewhere on the site.

We'll have someone lurking around BlizzCon to let you know what's going on. For more details on the event, check the official website. Also at the event will be playable StarCraft: Ghost, lots of PCs to play games on and a closing night concert featuring, of all people, The Offspring.

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