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Breed due on March 19th

Ve just vont closure!

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Oft-delayed first-person shooter Breed has once again slipped. Publisher CDV is now claiming that we'll be playing it the weekend after Friday March 19th here in the UK, with a release date of March 23rd for the USA.

Breed has been set back so often now that it dominates any conversation about Brat Designs' Halo-esque first-person shooter. It's difficult for me to remember when it was originally due out, but there were demos appearing around this time in 2003, mooting a release date around E3 in May, which then tumbled and tumbled all the way into 2004 and, finally (we hope), March 19th.

Apparently undeterred by all this slippage, maligned publisher CDV last month revealed plans to launch a Breed expansion pack in the third quarter of 2004 to capitalise on the game's success - which they really do anticipate.

As we've always said, we'll bring you our thoughts on Breed as soon as we get our hands on a proper copy. Until then, you can find two single-player demos here.

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