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WOW fan sells player portraits

Talented rogue.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

World of Warcraft's quite popular these days, and a lot of people are hitting the level-60 ceiling and wondering what to do with all their gold.

Well, one thing you could do is commission a portrait of your character from this chap, who appears to be doing fine business whipping them up. Prices were 40-gold each, but thanks to excessive demand (largely the fault of people like us publicising it, presumably) that's now gone up. In fact, he's currently overbooked.

You can see some examples of his work on the Forte guild forum. Even if you don't fancy one yourself, it makes some nice wallpaper.

Incidentally, if you're something enterprising in a massively-multiplayer game, why not let us know? No pyramid scams please. We've already got enough shares in biscuit futures.

You could even let us know if you're doing something benevolent, like one chap we know who likes to spend time between missions in City of Heroes just flying around healing people. We won't name him - helping people is reward enough.

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