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New Sonic PSP and Cube compilation?

The former seems likely but is distinctly unconfirmed, whereas the latter seems inevitable and is sort of unconfirmed. With Sonic CD mentioned.

Reports are swilling around the increasingly froth-some rumour mill that SEGA has a new Sonic title in store for PlayStation Portable and that a second GameCube "Sonic Collection" title featuring Sonic CD - much missed from the first Collection - is also on the way.

Sonic's passage to PSP seems likely at some point - he's on his way to the rival Nintendo DS after all - but for now all we have to go on is a GameStop product page listing a "Sonic" title for PSP under the category "Action, Adventure, Racing". Hardly convincing, mind, and SEGA had nothing to say about it at the time of publication.

SEGA Europe had no comment to make on the Sonic Collection rumour either, but this one seems to have more meat to it. Mentioned in a US magazine this month, the report suggests that the compilation will appear on GameCube exclusively and that Sonic CD will be in there, as will Sonic the Fighters, a much lesser known arcade game in which Sonic and co. duke it out.

When it will come out, or whether the game would remain exclusive to GameCube for long, however, is anyone's guess. The last Sonic compilation, known as Sonic Mega Collection, debuted on Cube but was then revamped - and topped the UK charts - on PS2 and Xbox with a few more bonuses thrown in and a "Plus" label.

We should hear a lot more from SEGA, including details of its other Sonic titles like Shadow the Hedgehog, at E3, which kicks off on May 18th. Although you've probably figured that much out by now anyway.

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