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FFXII confusion cleared up

PS2 only, says Squenix

Following a bit of confusion over exactly which platforms Final Fantasy XII will be appearing on [grr, I said this would happen - Tom], Square-Enix has confirmed that it's a PS2 exclusive and slated for a European release next year.

We're promised there is an FF game for PS3 on the way, however - but no further details have been revealed as yet.

Final Fantasy XII is set in the world of Ivalice, home to the humes, bangaa, viera and moogles, amongst other races. A street urchin named Vaan becomes mixed up in an attempted coup and, along the way, meets Princess Ashe - the sole heir to the throne. Together they embark on a quest to save the day and restore Ashe to her rightful place.

The game features an Active Dimension Battle system, which is said to make combat quicker and more realistic and eliminates load times between the field and battle scenes.

You can now use the terrain to your advantage, hiding from enemies or descending on them from higher ground. But so can your opponents, mind - and their sophisticated AI means they're also able to plan ambushes, back each other up and restore HP.

Screenshots for Final Fantasy XII can be found here.