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Classic tracks for WipEout Pure

More downloadable content.

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WipEout fans can download yet more content for the PSP version today as Sony releases the first "Classic Pack" of reworked tracks from previous titles.

Not to be confused with the Classic tracks included in the retail game, the new Classic Pack gives us another crack at Altima VII (original WipEout) and Odessa Keys (WipEout XL) with a Goteki 45 FX300 ship and matching menu skin. Entertaining stuff, and we've always liked the Classic pixellated collision and weapons-trail effects.

To download the update, players can log on to the game's official website, download the file and use a USB cable to transfer it to the PSP, or you can use the "Download" option within WipEout Pure, which allows you to connect directly to the site through a nearby wireless access point.

And, if you missed it, there are already three Gamma Pack downloads to grab from that site, which add a whole new tournament to the single-player game.

More Classic Packs and other updates are due for WipEout Pure in the coming months and, er, you can even buy a European version when it ships alongside the console in this territory on September 1st.

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