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Owners of PlayStation Portables and American copies of WipEout Pure will be able to download some more tracks and interface re-skins tomorrow as Sony unleashes "Gamma Pack 2" for its Yank audience.

Of course, those of you with imported PSPs can download them as well. Just log in through the in-game browser over your local wireless network - we went into more details last time.

Imported PSPs are, of course, very naughty and bad.

But if you do have one (we have several), then you'll be interested to hear that Gamma Pack 2 features two new tracks, called Extostra Run (set in a factory) and Ubermall (set in a, er, shopping centre), and a couple of new skins.

Sony is also apparently re-releasing Gamma Pack 1 for some reason, and when installed it will overwrite the stale one on the memory card when installed.

You can read more about WipEout Pure, including our import review, through the game's page here.

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