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Coke flavoured WipEout Pure downloads up for grabs

They're the real thing…

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Image credit: Eurogamer

From August 11th, WipEout Pure owners will be able to engage in a curious piece of Coca-Cola-related product placement by grabbing some free downloadable content for the PSP-only game from the Cokestyle website.

Several downloads will be made available for the PSP-only title, apparently adding various Coke-themed vehicles and assorted items to the game. It is, they say, a "cool way to play".

Obviously, due to our inability to resist unsubtle advertising tactics by giant corporations, we'll be nipping off to our local store shortly after downloading the new content to guzzle as much of the stuff as we can fit down our thirsty throats.

We apologise for any Coke-related break in service. We cannot be held responsible for any corresponding surge in demand or local shortages if you download it yourselves.

WipEout Pure is released in Europe on September 1st.

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