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WipEout PS3 on the way

Job ad suggests so, anyway.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has posted a new job advertisement which suggests that a next-gen instalment in the WipEout series is on the way.

The ad, which can be found on the Datascope website, is for a senior / lead designer who will "have a key role in realising future iterations of WipEout on PSP and PS3."

It's hardly a great surprise to learn that Sony's popular racing franchise will continue on the PS3 - but this is the first official word they've given all the same.

On the same page of the website, there are various advertisements for developers to work on "a PSP football project" and "a PS3 football title".

Could this mean SCEE's This Is Football series is also getting a new instalment, despite being conquered in this generation by FIFA and Pro Evo? Well, perhaps - but it seems much more likely that another World Tour Soccer game is on the way.

As you'd expect, there's not a hint of when these projects will be finished - but since the WipEout ad is labelled URGENT, in big capital letters and everything, it's clear they're keen to get going as soon as possible...