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PS4 WipEout's classic sleeve is PSX nostalgia supreme

A dangerous game.

WipEout is one of the most fondly-remembered PlayStation games around - and based on this wraparound for the upcoming WipEout Omega Collection on PlayStation 4, Sony is well aware of this.

If you pre-order WipEout Omega Collection at certain shops, you get a classic sleeve that rekindles memories of PSX game boxes, with a design that looks a lot like the original WipEout box art.

The original WipEout cover art.

WipEout, of course, starred on the PSX back in the mid-90s with a cool look from The Designers Republic and and even cooler dance-heavy soundtrack. I've reported on Sony's now-shuttered Liverpool studio, once called Psygnosis, extensively, including an in-depth feature on its rise and fall.

WipEout Omega Collection, meanwhile, isn't a brand new WipEout game, but it looks like a cool addition to the series nonetheless. It includes all the tracks and ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 ported to PS4. Each game has its own career mode, and there's a racebox mode that lets you tweak and customise your own races. You can play split-screen couch co-op or race online in up to eight-player multiplayer. There are tournaments, single-races, time trials and zone mode. Expect a 1080p resolution on PS4 and dynamic 4K on PS4 Pro - all at 60 frames per second.