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The original WipEout design document revealed

"WipEout has a soul…"

WipEout launched in the UK alongside the PS1 20 years ago this week - and for the first time one of its creators has published its design document.

Nick Burcombe, who worked at UK developer Psygnosis on WipEout, gave Eurogamer permission to republish the design document, which includes additional pages intended to support the game's later US launch.

The document reveals details on tracks, ships, pilot backstory and game design. There's even a history of the anti gravity technology used by WipEout's futuristic rally. There are some cool playing tips in there, too, if you fancy revisiting the blisteringly fast racing game.

It offers some fantastic insight into one of the PS1's defining games, which went on to help secure PlayStation's place as the console of choice during the mid to late nineties.

Burcombe, who founded Table Top Racing developer Playrise Digital, offered some background on the document in a note sent to Eurogamer. We've republished it below.:

For more on the WipEout series, head over to Eurogamer's article, The rise and fall of Sony Studio Liverpool, in which we talk to WipEout developers about the famous racing series.

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