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WipEout Pure downloads

Free track, craft and skin.

Sony has made some free downloadable content available to owners of the American version of PSP racer WipEout Pure, which people who can access the Internet wirelessly may now get hold of through the in-game Download menu.

"Gamma Pack 1" features a new track, a new racecraft thingum, and a new skin to make the game menus look prettier. Well, actually, to make them look redder, as it's a Piranha Team skin, and they're big fans of our old pal rouge.

The track, Staten Park, is described as an "evening blast through the green belt of Makana Island", correctly identifying that it is both set at night and features the colour green, and based on our initial foray it's quite an enjoyable little loop.

The new craft, meanwhile, is a Tigron Craft, which looks a bit like a cruise missile crossed with a paper aeroplane - a fight that perhaps sounds a bit one-sided, but we only mean it in a good way.

If you have a US PSP (Gasp! Naughty!) you can download the 3.5MB pack by going to the Download menu, inputting your wireless networking details and then connecting to a site where you an initiate the 3.5MB download.

Sony plans much more DLC over the coming months, including additional skins, tracks, craft and even music, absent from this release. Which ought to bloat the file sizes up a little - hopefully not too much though, as this 3.5MB download was more Alpha than Rapier in its roaring out of the blocks and into our Memory Sticks.

Still, you can't argue with the price. Or the game itself, for that matter, which we like very much, as you can see from this import review.