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New WipEout Pure content

For Europe and the US, hopefully.

Owners of WipEout Pure on both sides of the Atlantic should be able to take advantage of new content this week. Classic Pack 3 is now available for the American version, and - assuming Sony's sticking to the schedule it told us about last month - Classic Pack 1 should now be available for the European version.

Classic Pack 3, first, features one new track (Vohl Square) and one new ship (the Icarus, with an accompanying skin), while there are also two new classic tunes (Messij and Operatique, both from a group called Cold Stoage). Our memory doesn't work well enough to place any of this in the grand history of WipEout, but if you care about this sort of thing you probably don't need us to anyway.

As for Classic Pack 1 back in Europe - embarrassingly we can't actually check whether it's out because a person who is going to be very thoroughly lamped round the back of the head with a poster tube next time we see him has walked off with our copy. But, if it's out, and if memory serves, Classic Pack 1 has the Altima VII track from WipEout 1, Odessa Keys from WipEout XL and a Goteki 45 FX300 ship and skin. So when we say memory, we obviously mean our WipEout Pure pages.