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First WipEout PSP content online

Lagging behind but not for long. Exclusive content promised.

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US owners of WipEout Pure can take advantage of a second Classic Pack of new content today, but while European gamers will have to wait, it should be worth it - with the entire catalogue of WipEout content due before the end of October and a Europe-exclusive Omega pack set to top things off at an undisclosed date.

The Downloads page accessible through the European version currently only lists the first Gamma Pack, and doesn't appear to recognise the content we downloaded with our American version - much as it is with US and Japanese save-games, which don't work with European games in our experience.

However, Sony has been in touch to share news of the release schedule for existing content. The Gamma Pack listed consists of all the Gamma content released in the US - which means an entire tournament. In the coming weeks, we can also expect Delta (Sept 16th - brought to PSP in association with Puma), and Classic Packs 1 and 2 (October 3rd and 16th respectively).

Meanwhile across the pond our Yankee friends are already able to take advantage of the Classic Pack 2, which opens up Odessa Keys and Porta Kora tracks, as well as two more skins.

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