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UMD combo for Europe

Sony says we're getting it too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has informed Eurogamer that the Stealth UMD hybrid will indeed be getting a release in Europe as well as the States.

The UMD of Stealth, a military thriller that sounds sort of like a cross between Top Gun and 2001, will come complete with WipEout Pure: Stealth Edition. It features three tracks, crafts and modes, including multiplayer for up to four racers.

The tracks will include an exclusive level specially designed for the Stealth package, and you'll also get to race using aircraft from the movie.

And, "Yes, it will be out in Europe," a Sony representative told us.

However, "We have no further information on this regards pricing," unfortunately - and they won't give us a release date either.

The Stealth UMD is out in the States on November 15, priced $39.95 - considerably higher than the usual movie UMD price of $19.95-$29.95.

Sony Pictures bigwig Ben Feingold has heralded the release as "an unparalleled entertainment experience that marks the next phase in portable entertainment," so that's good news.

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