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More Xbox 2 details revealed

One million units in the shops by Christmas. And they'll be customisable, says top Microsoft bigwig.

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As the Xbox shortage continues to cause problems for UK shop owners, trade publication MCV has revealed that Microsoft will supply Europe with one million Xbox 2s by Christmas.

MCV quoted "a senior source at a major US publisher" as saying: "We have been told to expect roughly one million Xbox 2s in Europe alone by the end of theyear, and 1.5 million by the end of March.

"Microsoft is making a huge commitment, no question," the source added.

Details of specs for the next generation console are still hard to find but Microsoft VP J Allard did say that Xbox 2 units could vary from country to country, and suggested that owners will have the option to customise their consoles.

"We have ways, we have ideas. Look at cell phones," he said. "You can have snap-on faceplates, you can change the skin and the batteries, and you can change the ringtones. I think we need to have a global foundation, and then personalise within region."

It's yet to be confirmed if Xbox 2 will have a hard disk, but Allard seemed to suggest it would not be necessary for customisation purposes: "My cell phone is incredibly personalised, but without a hard drive," he said. "One reason is because of the great connection to the service."

More Xbox 2 news as we get it.

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