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KoF: Maximum Impact on Xbox

Latest instalment in the KoF series to support online versus play.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The King of Fighters series is going 3D this summer with the release of KoF: Maximum Impact for Xbox.

Publisher Ignition Entertainment promise that the game will retain the core gameplay elements of KoF and expand on them, combining souped-up visuals with traditional gameplay mechanics. There's also a new combo system designed to appeal to old hands and newcomers alike.

Maximum Impact will have full Xbox Live capability for online versus play, and a new camera feature which allows you to store screenshots and replays on the HDD. There are new storylines, characters and game modes, plus the option to select the original Japanese voices for that true KoF experience.

King of Fighters: Maximum Impact will be out on Xbox in June. The PS2 version is already in the shops.

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