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MultiVersus files point to Mark Hamill as the Joker

Ja ja ja ja ja ja ja ja Joker!

A dataminer has found voice lines for the Joker in MultiVersus, leading fans to believe the villain will be one of the next characters to join the list of playable characters.

Those of you with a discerning ear may find the voice very familiar. As a lot of people have pointed out, it sounds a lot like Mark Hamill.

The datamine comes from Twitter user LaisulMV, previously known as AisulMV.

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LaisulMV is the leaker behind rumours of a battle pass sharing feature, Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West, and The Matrix.

Their new discovery has revealed files of voice lines for the Joker as an announcer in MultiVersus. Some of the lines included in the compilation created by LaisulMV include "think you lost that one, bucko" and "well whaddya know, you won!", as well as lines to be played during fighter selection and countdowns.

The voice acting sounds a lot like Mark Hamill, who has famously voiced the Joker in a variety of animations and games. His first time voicing the Joker was in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series.

LaisulMV later shared a list of "Ability" lines for the Joker, presumably to be played during combat when chosen as a fighter. Some of the lines found include "take a sniff, Batman" and "this trap has some bite to it".

The Joker has previously been rumoured as a DLC fighter in Multiversus as early as March.

MultiVersus already has Batman and Harley Quinn, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the Joker joining the roster. Rick and Morty's Rick became available earlier this week, and Black Adam and Stripe from the Gremlins are set to be playable soon.