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Looks like Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch of the West are coming to MultiVersus

Me wanna go home.

Yesterday, Gremlins antagonist Stripe and DC's Black Adam leaked ahead of their official reveal by Warner Bros. as coming to MultiVersus' eclectic roster.

Well, now we have another leak, and it appears that more unexpected characters will also be joining the brawler further down the road. In this case, voice lines for both The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West and BeetleJuice have been found in the game's files.

Superman and co. show off their MultiVersus moves.

As shared by MultiVersus Twitter user AisulMV (the same leaker who discovered hints about a potential feature which will allow players to share their battle pass progress), the lines of dialogue found appear to be setting MultiVersus up for a spooky season.

The Wicked Witch's lines, which can be listened to in the tweet below, hear the character cackling as she asks players to "pick a character" while calling them "my pretties".

Meanwhile, the tweet showcasing Beetlejuice's lines has been removed by the MultiVersus team (immediately adding to this leak's credibility in the process).

However, before it got removed, you could hear the miscreant saying things such as "I'm melting... MELTING! Oh wait, that's your line" and "couldn't you send some of those monkeys my way?", adding further confirmation to the Wicked Witch's upcoming MultiVersus debut (thanks, VGC).

Meanwhile, for a full rundown on MultiVersus' tier list and what is coming (at least officially) throughout the game's first season, check out our guides.

Here is one covering all fighters, from best Assassin to best Bruiser, Mage, Support and Tank and here is one covering the various nerfs and buffs for Season one.

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