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Rick and Morty's Rick joins MultiVersus today

The appliance of science.

Following on in his grandson's footsteps, Rick from Rick and Morty is making his way into Warner Bros. Smash-like brawler MultiVersus today as part of its new 1.03 update.

Along with this news, we also have a breakdown of his moveset.

Cover image for YouTube videoEurogamer Newscast: How damaging are video game leaks?
Eurogamer Newscast: How damaging are video game leaks?

This will include fart bombs (of course) and a move called "Meeseeks and Destroys" which summons a meeseek that will then attack by running forward and deploying an uppercut or by wielding a golfclub. Lastly, Rick will be able to aim and place two portals thanks to his "Basrick Portal Theory" move.

Along with Rick's arrival in the game, this patch also adds a few other updates to MultiVersus. First up, there are new cosmetics now available, including a Chef Reindog skin (see below).

Hope his cooking isn't too ruff.

Additionally, those participating in the game via Twitch will now see 'Fighter Voting' added. This feature will enable those streaming the game to "poll their audience" on which fighter they should choose to brawl with.

Other general updates include a change in the XP required to go from level three to 15 on the character mastery track. This has now been doubled. The MultiVersus team has also stated that it has fixed a bug that saw the game freezing at the end-of-game screen.

The full patch notes can be found on MultiVersus website.

Eurogamer recently awarded MultiVersus with a Recommended badge. In his review, Henry Stockdale called the game a "very pleasant surprise".

"I wasn't entirely convinced by MultiVersus when it leaked. We've seen countless platform fighters challenge Super Smash Bros across the decades, usually falling flat.

"[I'll] gladly admit those initial impressions were wrong," he continued. "Even as a free-to-play game that carries the usual monetisation pitfalls, MultiVersus sets itself apart where it matters."