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MotorStorm DLC dates confirmed

More PSN offerings incoming.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has confirmed a handful of upcoming PlayStation Network dates, including those for new MotorStorm cars and courses.

According to its latest list, the new Coyote Revenge track will be available to download this Thursday, followed by two vehicle sets: one on 13th September, the other on 27th September.

Coyote Revenge is the reversed version of the Coyote track, with a couple of added twists and turns. It's also got some new bits and pieces to see as you churn up mud along the way, like hot air balloons and caravans.

We're still waiting to here exactly what will be in the vehicle updates, unfortunately, although rumours point towards two new vehicles: an ATV and a motorbike. A motorbike!

You'll also be treated to plenty of new trailers in September on the PlayStation Network, like the animated and making of episodes for Heavenly Sword parts four and five, as well as a third Lair trailer, LocoRoco Cocoreccho trailer, and InFamous trailer.

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