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Best SVA 545 loadout and class build for Warzone and MW3

Our recommendation for the best SVA 545 loadout build in MW3.

Image credit: Activision

The SVA 545 is one of the first assault rifles you’ll come across in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

As a starter rifle, you might assume it’s one of the weaker choices in Warzone and Modern Warfare 3’s set of weapons. It’s not.

The SVA 545 is an highly proficient AR with a unique burst capability, firing out two simultaneous shots at first use. With this interesting burst mechanic, the SVA 545 is able to deal out more sudden damage that can be devastating for enemies.

It’s important though to create a build that supports this aggressive fire-rate, so looking into steadying the gun and increasing accuracy is key. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll take a look at how to unlock the SVA 545, as well as the best attachments and perks and how to create the best build that ties the whole class together nicely.

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Warzone and MW3 SVA 545 best loadout and attachments

As an assault rifle that excels in close-to-mid range combat, we’ll be focusing a build around bolstering this strength with steadiness and accuracy at the forefront. We’ll also be looking at supporting the SVA 545’s ammo, both in quantity and quality, as the high fire rate will leave you running out quicker than you might like, so you want those shots to be impactful and plentiful.

Before we get into what each attachment brings to the table for the SVA 545 build, here’s a list of the five we’re picking for this dominating assault rifle:

  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Ammunition: 5.45 High Grain
  • Stock: FT TAC-Elite V3 Stock
  • Rear Grip: Citadel Grip
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag
Image credit: Activision

The SVA 545 fires its first two rounds almost at the same exact time, which can be devastating if those shots hit. As mentioned, we’ll be focusing on making sure the ammo is impactful and that its range is strong. For this, our first attachment is crucial, the HMRES Mod Suppressor.

This muzzle will take you off the enemy’s minimap enabling you to stealth your way into a better position. It also adds a huge buff to the bullet velocity of the SVA 545 meaning more damage. With a slight loss to your recoil control, it’s not too much of a sacrifice given how rapidly the shots fire out and how our other attachments will support it.

Another boost in bullet velocity comes from the 5.45 High Grain Ammunition. Along with the increased damage of your shots, there’s also an improvement in your damage range. There’s a fairly heavy drop on the recoil control with this one, but have no fear, the other attachments will pick up the slack.

For our third attachment, we’ve opted for the FT Tac-Elite V3 Stock. This tactical ops stock will provide a more accurate full-auto fire, which is great on for SVA 545’s aggressive burst damage. It’ll boost your gun kick control and firing aim stability, with a small decrease on the hipfire and Tac Stance speed, as well as the Sprint to Fire speed.

Next up, the Citadel Grip for the higher ADS speed, as well as gun kick and recoil control. It’s a solid choice with increased bullet velocity to make sure you can keep your gun steady.

With such a heavy lean into making sure the SVA 545 can power impactfully at range, this rear grip will boost those stats for you. There’s a few Rear Grip attachments to choose from though that will provide similar boosts in this area, but may better suit your playstyle.

Image credit: Activision

Last but not least, the 45 Round Mag. While there’s a 60 Round Mag on offer, the heaviness added because of it is a step too far. Instead, we’ve opted for the 45 Round Mag to boost your ammo without sacrificing too much pace. With increased Time-To-Kill (TTK) in MW3, you may well need it.

A quick note before we move onto the perks and equipment, if you’re wondering how to unlock the relevant attachments for the SVA 545, firstly head to the Gunsmith within the weapon in your loadout. When in the Gunsmith, go to your chosen attachment and scroll through to find out the requirements for the given attachment if you are yet to unlock it.

Warzone and MW3 SVA 545 best class build, perks, and equipment

For our SVA 545 build, we’ve focused on damage and range capabilities. For our perks and equipment, we’ll take a look at providing a support and defence heavy structure to suit your playstyle.

Before we delve into more detail, here’s a look at our top picks for the Modern Warfare 3 SVA 545 best class build, perks, and equipment are:

  • Vest: Gunner Vest
  • Perk 1 – Gloves: Scavenger Gloves
  • Perk 2 – Gear: EOD Padding
  • Secondary Weapon: Striker
  • Field Upgrade: Munitions Box
  • Lethal: Breacher Drone
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
Image credit: Activision

First up, by choosing the Gunner Vest you do sacrifice the use of the Boots slot, but in exchange you gain the ability to equip two primary weapons. Not only that, but it comes with two solid perks for your loadout; deploying with max ammo and increasing your reload speed, making for an ample swap.

For the secondary weapon, with the Gunner Vest perk, we’d recommend running the SVA 545 alongside the Striker. This SMG is ferocious and can provide some swift close-range combat in times of need.

With the revamped Gear system - known previously as Perks - you’ll get to equip items like the Gunner Vest, along with Gloves and Gear that’ll come with in-built advantages.

Image credit: Activision

For the SVA 545, we’d opt for the Scavenger Gloves that’ll help you gain back some of your lost ammo and throwing knives from defeated enemies. It’s a handy perk to suit the SVA 545’s aggressive fire rate that’ll see you tearing through enemies and your ammo to boot.

With this, we’ve also opted for the Munitions Box Field Upgrade that’ll resupply you with even more ammo should you be running low. It’s also a great support option to also provide for your allies.

For Gear, we’ve gone for EOD Padding. As mentioned, this SVA 545 Modern Warfare 3 build is about building up your defensive strategy. This piece of Gear will reduce the damage you take from explosives and fire, making navigating the map and holding a position easier.

With a gun like the SVA 545, you’re going to be in the thick of it, especially if you know you’ve got the Striker as back up. For the lethal and tactical equipment then, we’ve opted for the Breacher Drone that you can send up and out to seek out and explode on enemies within the immediate area. Plus, the Flash Grenade or Stun to hopefully plant some confusion into your enemies’ vision and slow their pace.

We’ve also opted for the Munitions Box Field Upgrade, but this is interchangeable depending on personal preference. You may be more inclined to use the Trophy System to bolster defences, the A.C.S. to hack nearby devices depending on your game mode of choice, or the likes of the Smoke Airdrop if you’re keen to lean into tactical movement. There’s a lot of great options on offer for this piece of kit, so tweak as you wish.

How to unlock the SVA 545 in Modern Warfare 3

There are a multitude of ways to unlock all the weapons available in Modern Warfare 3. For the SVA 545 though, you just need to reach player level 4.

Fortunately, this is also the level where you’ll unlock all the customisation for your loadout in the Gunsmith, opening up attachment, perks, and equipment slots.

Image credit: Activision

To unlock the attachments for the SVA 545, you don’t just level up the one gun. Attachments are unlocked universally across a lot of different weapons, so to work towards the best loadout, you might want to think about switching it up and levelling up other weapons that play into the SVA 545’s build.

If you’re also wondering how to unlock the Carbon Fate and Crimson Fate camos for the CBA 545, these are only available as exclusive items when purchasing the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 3 and can’t be unlocked any other way.

There’s more loadout recommendations for MW3 to enjoy across a spectrum of weapons. If you’re eager to read more, we’ve got guides ready and waiting for the MCW, KV Inhibitor, MTZ-556 and more, as well as a deep dive into the best guns in MW3.

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