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Marvel's Avengers beta times, dates, how to get beta access and everything you need to know

When you can start playing first on PS4, then later on PC and Xbox One.

Marvel's Avengers, the online adventure from Square Enix, is getting a handful of beta weekends ahead of its September release.

The Marvel's Avengers beta dates and times - as well as Marvel's Avengers beta access - differs according to whether you are pre-ordering and which platform you are playing on.

This page explains how and when to get involved with the beta throughout August, and how to get your hands on Marvel's Avengers beta rewards.

On this page:

Marvel's Avengers beta times for UK, US and Europe, plus all beta start dates and end dates explained

The Marvel's Avengers beta is available across three weekends, debuting first on PS4 as a closed beta, before opening up and appearing on other platforms in subsequent weeks:

Avengers Beta datesPlatformsPre-load date
Friday, August 7th to Sunday, August 9thPS4 (closed access)Thursday, August 6th
Friday, August 14th to Sunday, August 16thPS4 (open access)
Xbox (closed access)
PC (closed access)
Thursday, August 13th
Friday, August 21st to Sunday, August 23rdAll platforms (open access)Thursday, August 20th

As for Marvel's Avengers beta start time and beta end time, they are both at 9pm in your timezone.

To clarify, each weekend the Marvel's Avengers beta will begin at Friday 9pm, and end at Sunday 9pm, regardless of where you live.

Marvel's Avengers closed beta access and requirements explained: How to get a Marvel's Avengers beta code

For the opening weekends on each respective platform, you need to have a beta code to access Marvel's Avengers.

You can get a Marvel's Avengers beta code by pre-ordering any edition - either digitally or through select retailers.

Once you have a code from your participating retailer's receipt or email, enter it into the Marvel's Avengers beta code redemption site, and select the platform of your choice.

If you don't pre-order, however, you'll still get Marvel's Avengers beta access by:

  • Being a Virgin Media (UK) or Verizon (US) customer
  • Waiting until an open beta weekend date for your platform

Also, regardless of your platform and when you participate, you need:

  • A Square Enix Member's account - so having one set up and ready to go ahead of time (is free) might save you some time for when it arrives.
  • A one-time online access to unlock the single-player campaign content, and online access for multiplayer content.
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Everything else you need to know about the Marvel Avenger's beta

Regardless of the Marvel's Avengers weekend you're playing, the beta will offer the following:

  • Single-player content from the campaign
  • Co-op War Zone and Drop Zone missions (playable online with others on the same platform)
  • HARM challenge rooms
  • Hero and world progression, allowing you to try out the experience system up to Hero Level 15 and Power Level 45

Though progress and levelling will carry over from weekend to weekend, they will not carry over to the full game. That said, there are several rewards on offer to make it worth your while...

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Marvel's Avengers beta rewards and unlocks

Though progress won't carry through from the beta to full release, there are several rewards up for grabs:

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There's plenty to get stuck into, regardless of when you're able to play. Enjoy!

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