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Mandarin voiceover added to Sifu

New video interviews the cast.

A free update to Sifu adds Mandarin voiceover.

The update, available on PlayStation and PC, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the experience - a Kung Fu game set in a fictional Chinese city.

Sloclap has released a new video with the Chinese voice cast in the recording studio in Shanghai.

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It includes interviews with Sifu voice over director Li Zhengxiang, as well as Lui Beichen and Mi Xiao as the main character, and more.

The remaining Chinese cast are Huang Jinze (Yang), Liu Yingjie (Sean), Cheng Yuzhu (Fajar), Xu Chen (Kuroki), Lu Xiaotong, (Jinfeng).

Watch on YouTube

Sloclap recently announced that Sifu has sold over 1m copies.

And while the game has been criticised by some for its high difficulty, around 15 percent of players have finished the game.

Difficulty modes and accessibility features may be on the way next.