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Sifu has sold over 1m copies

"We're thankful for our fans around the world."

Kung-fu action game Sifu has sold over 1m copies in its first three weeks.

Sloclap's game has been criticised by some for its high difficulty, though it appears many players have stepped up to the challenge.

As previously reported, only 34 percent of players had completed the tricky second level judging by trophy stats a week after launch. Sloclap has revealed now that over 45 percent of players have now finished the level.

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What's more, it stated that over 150,000 players have beaten the game's main antagonist. That means around 15 percent of players have finished the game - a surprisingly high number for such a challenging title.

Still, for many players an easy difficulty mode would be a welcome addition to the game, along with accessibility options - something Sloclap could well be adding in.

Being set in a fictional Chinese city, Sifu was also criticised for its depiction of Asian stereotypes, but Sloclap has said it was generally pleased with the response to the game from Chinese critics.

"We are thrilled by the reception of Sifu from both fans and press alike," said Pierre Tarno, executive producer at Sloclap.

"We set out to create an authentic, Kung Fu action game that paid homage to our favourite Kung Fu films. We're thankful for our fans around the world but we are especially humbled by the incredible reception the game has had in China. Our internal metric of success was how well the game was received there and knowing that fans in China are the largest segment of our sales outside of North America and the positive reviews from Chinese critics means a lot to us."

Full Mandarin voice acting is on the way soon.

Sifu is available now on PlayStation consoles and PC (via Epic). It's "gripping kung fu time management through a Western lens", as per our Sifu review.

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