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Days Gone, The Division 2 and Anthem drop to their lowest prices so far

Outrun the horde to grab these deals.

There's a raft of excellent PlayStation 4 game deals bouncing around the net today on some of the console's biggest and newest titles, so I've done my best job to corral the horde together for you to peruse right here.

Speaking of a horde, let's get things started with one of Sony's major first-party releases of 2019 that's already seeing a price cut. Yep, it's been out less than a month, but Days Gone has already been reduced to £37 at Go2Games.

Hop on your bike and race to grab this deal.

Elsewhere, there's the lowest price seen so far on two of the biggest looter-shooters released this year.

First up, BioWare's troubled mech suit smash Anthem can now be yours for £23. A gruelling development period, fumbled launch and delayed road map have all damaged the game significantly, despite there being a glimmer of something good in there. In time, we may have a game that lives up to its ambition and potential.

The new Dark Hours raid goes live on 16th May.

Meanwhile, The Division 2 has tumbled all the way down to £29.79. With the game's first eight-player Operation Dark Hours raid releasing later this week, too, now's as good a time as any to take your first steps into the dilapidated ruins of Washington D.C. in search of some fancy knee pads.

If you have some extra cash to splash you can also go for The Divison 2: Gold Edition for £45.99.

Sir Dan has an eye for a good deal too.

On the pre-order front, Medievil is just £21.85 over at Base. Personally, I can't wait to jump back into the bony body of Sir Dan once again and this price is shockingly low for the upcoming remaster.

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What else is there? Well, you can get flashy fighter Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for £16, warm up your trigger finger for the third entry with Borderlands The Handsome Collection for £16, or enjoy the existential crisis that comes from playing NieR: Automata Game of the YoRHa Edition for just £21.

There should be something in there that appeals to all tastes, but if you're after anything else you can head on over Jelly Deals where you'll find even more gaming, tech and gadgetry offers.

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