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Leon cast in Resident Evil: Retribution

Johann Urb starts working on his fringe.

Estonian actor Johann Urb has reportedly been cast as Leon Kennedy in upcoming video game flick Resident Evil: Retribution.

Franchise mainstay Milla Jovovich broke the news on her Twitter feed (thanks for noticing, VG247), and posted a link to a clip of a script read-through.

Not heard of Mr Urb? Pff, you've not been paying enough attention. According to IMDB he played 'surfer dude' in Stephen King horror adaptation 1408, 'Mugatu bodyguard' in 2001 Ben Stiller comedy Zoolander and can soon be seen as 'sexy guy' in indie short Hot Dog Water.

Give the mugshot below an ogle. Nice dental work, no?

The latest Resi movie sees Paul W S Anderson return to the director's chair after last year's Resident Evil: Afterlife effort. It's due in cinemas some time next year.