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Last night, a million people tuned into one Fortnite YouTube stream

View to a kill.

Two weeks ago, Fortnite earned Twitch its biggest ever audience - 635,000 people - when Canadian rapper Drake played alongside streamer Ninja.

Last night, Fortnite attracted nearly double that number watching live on YouTube as 100 top streamers battled it out.

It was billed as a Spanish-language stream extravaganza, filled with popular YouTubers who then broadcast it via their own channels.

1.1 million people watched Spanish YouTuber elrubius, who organised the whole thing, as he lead the charge. But many more watched via the other 99 participants' own channels, meaning the overall viewer count was even higher.

You can watch the event again via the replay on elrubius' channel - which has itself now notched up nearly 16m views in just 16 hours.

Cover image for YouTube videoTORNEO DE YOUTUBERS #YTBattleRoyale - Fortnite - elrubiusOMG

YouTube staffer Alex Rubens was one of many whose jaws dropped at the event's live viewer count:

There were no prizes on offer - this was all fairly impromptu and just for fun. Still, the lure of some popular streamers playing what feels like the biggest game on Earth right now was simply enough.