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Pre-release Euro Killzone 2 demo likely

US gamers have to pre-order for access.

Sony has told Eurogamer that it will release a European demo of Killzone 2 through PlayStation Network, but cannot confirm exactly when, or what will be included in the demo.

However, a source close to the publisher told us that if it clears QA in time, the demo will almost certainly be released in Europe before the game.

That's in contrast to the US, where the demo is subject to an exclusivity agreement that means consumers will only be able to get hold of it before release by pre-ordering from GameStop.

A spokesperson for Sony America confirmed that to PS3Fanboy overnight, adding that the demo will appear on PSN there after launch.

Killzone 2 is due out in February, but Sony has yet to confirm an exact release date. Check out our Killzone 2 gamepage for our latest hands-on previews, trailers, screenshots and more.

And look out for our Killzone 2 review in the coming weeks.

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