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José Mourinho says Fortnite is "a nightmare" and keeps his players "up all night"

"...And the next day they have a game!"

Fortnite is "a nightmare" for AS Roma manager, José Mourinho.

In a "rapid response" Q&A video shared on the football team's social media channels during which "The boss" gave his opinion on a myriad of things - from life in Italy to his views on Instagram - Mourinho said that his players spent too much time on Epic Games' fan-favourite battle royale, staying up "all night" and implying it affects their performances on the field the following day.

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When asked what he thought of the game, he smiled and said: "a nightmare".

"Football players, they stay up all night playing that shit, and the next day they have a game!"

You can watch the full, if brief, interview yourself below:

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