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How to increase inventory size in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Mary Poppins would be proud

Like with BOTW, you're going to be very quickly running out of inventory space in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. From all the random loot you'll be picking up from the many shrines, to searching for some of the best armor sets out there, you're going to be looking for any opportunity you can to increase your inventory size.

Increasing your inventory size is a tiring task and only completionists are going to max it out. But regardless, it's something you will very quickly regret not spending just a little time focusing on - Hyrule is chock-full of all sorts of Swords, Shields, and Bows.

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How to your increase inventory size in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To increase your inventory size in Tears of the Kingdom you are going to need Korok Seeds, and you're going to need a lot of them. To use the Korok Seeds you're going to need to trade them with Hestu - a giant Korok who pops-up every now and again.

When you first enter Hyrule, Link's stash will only be able to hold a small morsel of items. He'll be able to hold exactly nine Weapons, four Shields and five Bows. But after many visits to Hestu, and many many hours hunting down Korok Seeds, you'll eventually become a one-man arsenal.

Link holding the Master Sword away from his body. The weapon glows brightly as light basks the character and the sword.
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Giving Korok Seeds to Hestu is the only way to increase your inventory space. Tempting as it may be to ignore the lost Koroks or do unspeakable things to them, the better choice is reuniting the friends. It’s an easy way to get two Korok Seeds at once without having to scour the wilds for hidden Koroks.

Bear in mind though, Hestu increases the number of Korok Seeds required after expanding a certain pouch a few times. For example, it takes one seed to increase your weapon inventory the first time, but you’ll need to hand over two the second time. The increase is tied to specific pouches, though. If you expand your weapon pouch five times, but haven’t touched the shield pouch, expanding the latter will still only cost one Korok Seed.

Good luck finding Korok Seeds and, I if you’d like to learn more about Link’s adventure in Hyrule, visit our Zelda Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.

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