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How to get the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The location and quest for this hybrid Vocation.

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The Mystic Spearhand is an advanced Vocation in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It can be unlocked relatively early in the game, but it’s also quite easy to miss.

Thankfully, there's two ways you can unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2 - the first is by completing the opening section of the missable Readvent of Calamity questand the second is by finding the Siguard, the NPC who teaches you the Vocation, later on in the game.

Below we cover how to get the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2 through both of these methods.

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How to find the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2

There are two ways in which you can get the Mystic Spearhand Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2, with the first being completing the opening sections of the Readvent of Calamity quest.

To start Readvent of Calamity, you first need to have completed at least one of Captain Brant's quests, such as Disa's Plot or The Caged Magistrate. If you've already finished all of Brant's quests, however, you might be unable to start Readvent of Calamity.

With one of these quests under your belt, it's time to return to Melve. Upon arrival, however, you'll find that Melve is being attacked by a dragon. Again.

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The dragon has picked up a rather nasty disease, so focus your attacks on the blisters littering its body. This is quite the easy task if you're playing a ranged-based Vocation, like Archer or Mage, but if you're melee-focused, like a Warrior, you'll need to get up close and personal with the dragon. During the fight, you might notice a man with a unique fighting style...

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After the fight - and don't worry if the dragon flies away - you'll have a cutscene with Ulrika, Sigurd and Lennart. Sigurd was the man using the new fighting style and, by asking about his manner of fighting, he'll unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation.

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You should be able to talk to him after the cutscene to unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation. If you're unable to, pass time by either staying at the inn or sitting on the bench until morning. When the sun rises, head to the ruined part of Melve to find Sigurd. He should be around the well. Don't worry if he's not there though - Sigurd isn't gone forever.

If you miss Mystic Spearhand, however, there is a second way in which you can get the Mystic Spearhand Voction, which involves finding Sigurd after he's left Melve.

Sigurd at his home discussing the Mystic Spearhand fighting style.

Sigurd lives in Harve Village which is located to the south-west of Vernworth. However, before you're able to speak to him there and learn about his unique fighting style, you'll need to save him in the quest Monster Culling.

The location of Harve Village on the main Dragon's Dogma 2 map.

If you're following the main story of the game, you'll find yourself recieving this quest quite early. It's part of the early storyline quests given by Brant in the tavern in Vernworth. This quest will see you head to Harve Village to aid soldiers who are dealing with a large number of Saurians. Saurians are weak to fire and can be weakened by damaging their tails.

After defeating the Saurians and helping the soldiers, you'll be invited to let some time pass and return to see the village once it's had a chance to rebuild. However, once you do return you'll find that more Saurians have spawned, and you'll need to defeat them again.

Once this is done, you can find Sigurd in the village.

Where to find Sigurd in Dragon's Dogma 2

Sigurd's home is on the far eastern side of Harve Village. It's labelled on the map as a Coastal Hut.

The location of Sigurd's coastal hut in Harve Village.

Once you've found him, it should be easy to speak to Sigurd. Complete both his dialogues, including asking him about his fighting style, to learn about the Mystic Spearhand Vocation.

Once you've unlocked the Mystic Spearhand Vocation, you can change your Vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2.

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