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How to get a MC Business in GTA Online

How to become a MC President and buy clubhouses explained.

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Owning a MC Business in GTA Online can be a highly profitable way of earning cash, especially since you can own up to five separate businesses in this area. From growing and distributing weed to manufacturing meth in a hideout, there are several less than legal ways of becoming rich in Los Santos.

Also, owning a clubhouse in GTA Online and being a MC Club President also has it perks. You can have somewhere to hang out and do activities such as Darts with other members of your crew, or patrons of your clubhouse. Also, as a MC President, you can recruit others into your club to do the dirty work for you.

There's a lot that goes into this, so we're here to show you how to get a MC Business in GTA Online, how to buy a clubhouse, and how to become a MC President to top it all off.

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Best MC Businesses in GTA Online

As there are multiple MC businesses to choose from in GTA Online, and each of them costing a fair amount of money, it would make sense that you'd initially only want to invest in one. Of course, you'll probably want the best MC business possible too so you can return a profit and have a good reason for investing in the first place.

Here's our brief break down of the best MC Businesses in GTA Online:

  1. Cocaine Lockup - Without a doubt, this is the best MC business there is right now. When you measure out the time it takes for product to be made, cost of resupplying (if not stealing supplies from other people), and the general profitability of this business it's a great one to start with.
  2. Meth Lab - The meth labs are a close second, again once you compare the time they take to produce stock compared with the profit you can get from selling it to the highest paying buyers makes makes it worth it.
  3. Counterfeit Cash - This is on par with the meth lab business for production speed against potential profit. The meth lab narrowly pushed this one out because of the production speed.
  4. Weed Farm - This one is a good business but it's not as profitable as the two above. It does have a shorter production speed, but overall it's lacking in the financial area.
  5. Document Forgeries - This might seem harsh but it's not worth getting this business unless you are trying to boost another, or are looking for a cheap way to get RP in through sell missions. Though it has a fast production speed, the profit is just not there for the amount you pay for the building and for supplies in the long run. The only way we could see this one working is if you fully committed to this business and upgraded it as much as possible.
gta online mc business meth lab production area

Ultimately, it is down to you which business you purchase but it's always worth thinking about how much it costs to run against how much you will get out of it.

How to buy a Clubhouse in GTA Online

Before you can get a business, you need to buy a Clubhouse. This is the base of operations for your Motorcycle Club. If you already have one, feel free to skip ahead!

To buy a Clubhouse, open the internet either on your phone or laptop in-game and head to the 'Maze Bank: Foreclosures' website. On here, click on the 'Clubhouses' option at the top of your screen to filter your options down.

gta online maze bank foreclosures clubhouse buy option

On the website, hover over a Clubhouse icon to get a general idea of what the place is like. Once you find one that you like, you can begin to purchase it.

Currently, there are 12 Clubhouses across the map that you can purchase. The cheapest one is $200,000 and the most expensive is $495,000.

Customising your Clubhouse

When you select one to buy, you will get several customisation options. Be warned, any and all customisation will cost extra but you can visit many of these options at a later stage if you don't have enough cash.

Here are the customisation options:

  • Mural
  • Style
  • Club Emblem
  • Club Name
  • Gun Locker
  • Custom Bike Shop

When you are happy with your chosen options, proceed to confirm your purchase and your Club will appear on your map.

gta online mc clubhouse heart mural

How to become a MC President in GTA Online

To be able to run a MC Business in GTA Online, you need to be a MC President in that session and it's pretty simple to do (provided the session isn't full of them).

When you are in your session, open your interaction menu (the one where you can choose spawn point, targeting priority ect.). Then, scroll down your options until you see 'Motorcycle Club'.

gta online interaction menu motorcycle club option

Select this and then choose the 'Start a Motorcycle Club' option. This will then register you as the MC President of your Club.

Also, if you want to look the part without breaking the bank, you can get a free Nagasaki Carbon RS from Legendary Motorsport.

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How to get a MC Business in GTA Online

Once you are a MC President, you can access the laptop in your Clubhouse. This can usually be found in your private area of the building. The businesses themselves can be quite pricey, but in the long run they can provide you with a reliable source of income.

Buying a business

When you find your laptop, sit at it and select the 'Open Road' option to open the website.

To buy a business, select the 'Buy Business tab'. There are five different types of businesses that you can buy, but you can only one one business in each category.

Here are all of the types of business you can own:

  • Forgeries
  • Weed
  • Counterfeit Cash
  • Meth
  • Cocaine

When you find one you want, click on it and purchase it following the on-screen instructions. Once bought, the business will appear as an icon on your map. However, the icons are only visible once you are a MC President.

Here are all of the different icons for each business.


gta online mc business forgeries map icon


gta online mc business weed farm map icon

Counterfeit Cash

gta online mc business cash map icon


gta online mc business meth lab map icon


gta online mc business cocaine lockup map icon

If you're interested in learning more before you buy them, check out our MC Business locations guide to learn where each business is.

Setting up your business

Once you buy a business, you need to set it up as they all rely on you supplying the business with materials and then selling the product. They can't begin production until you get your staff the right equipment (staff are included in the initial purchase price).

To set up your new business, head to its location and head inside the building/warehouse it's situated in. Then, once inside, head for the laptop.

Once at the laptop, open up the 'Open Road' laptop again and open the 'Businesses You Own' tab. Click on the one you want to set up and select the 'Set Up' option on the let side of your screen. This will start a set up mission for your business.

gta online weed farm set up option open road website

After starting the mission, you will get a call from LJT and then a marker will appear on your map. As you would with any other mission, head to the marked location and steal the supplies there. All you have to do is get them back safely and your business will officially be set up.

gta online weed farm

How to manage your MC Business in GTA Online

Now that you have a business that is thriving (hopefully), it's time to manage it. Again, you need to be a MC President and you need to access the 'Open Road' website through either your Clubhouse or your business premises. However, the latter option really only allows you to see the statistics of your business.

From the website, click on the business that you want to manage and your screen should look like this:

gta online mc business weed farm management screen

On this screen, you can track the stats of the business and check your supply or produce levels. This is all useful information for running a profitable (and highly illegal) MC Business.

The most important thing to remember is that your business will only be making product if you are in a Public session.

Resupplying your business

Your staff cannot make stock without supplies, so it's down to you to keep your business rolling with plenty of materials.

When you are on the 'Open Road' website and on the page that shows you your businesses, select the one you want to resupply. Then, select the 'Resupply' option on the left of your screen. There are two ways you can supply your business:

  • Steal Supplies - This is a free, but riskier way of resupplying your business. You can steal supplies but this can gain the attention of other players in the session and, more annoyingly, the LSPD. If you fail to steal it, you walk away with no supplies.
  • Buy Supplies - This is a safer but more costly way of stocking your business.

Once you resupply your business, the bar on your management screen should refill and production of your chosen substance will begin again.

gta online mc business weed farm in production

Upgrading your business

You can upgrade your business too, after all it's worth expanding to get more money right? Again, you need to be using the laptop in your business premises to access the 'Open Road' website.

gta online mc business weed farm upgrade screen

Once there, click on the 'Buy Upgrades' option on the left side of your screen. You will then get the option to upgrade the following areas:

  • Equipment Upgrades - This can boost your production speed, the value of your product, and make your supplies last longer.
  • Staff Upgrade - Hire more staff to boost the production speed and improve the value of the end product.
  • Security Upgrade - This will install/update the security system for your business, which can help reduce the chances of being attacked by enemies or raided by the LSPD.

The upgrades are costly, but most of them are worth it.

How to sell product from your MC Business in GTA Online

Once you have some product in your business, you can sell it. When you enter a business premises, you will be told how many supplies you have left, how much product you have, and the average value of your product in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Then, to sell your product, enter the 'Open Road' website on the laptop in the premises and select the 'Sell Stock' option at the bottom of the screen. You will then be given two options of what/who you want to sell the product to. There's usually a lower end price and a higher end price - whoever you choose, you will need to complete the sell mission to get the money.

gta online mc business meth sell and buyers screen

All you need to do then is select which buyer you want to go with and confirm it, then complete the sell mission without being killed or without destroying the product.

Sell Missions

Sell missions are the tasks you need to complete to sell your business product to your selected buyer. You must complete the tasks/goals given within the mission to see any of the money.

gta online mc business cash drop off post van

The missions typically consist of you delivering the product one way or another, it could be dropping them from a chopper to posing as a delivery person to drop off packages at people's houses.

Some missions, such as the Meth drop off done at sea, will have 'bonus payouts' attached to them. This usually means if you complete the task in a certain time frame, or deliver the product to the checkpoints in a specific time frame, you will get a bonus payment on top of the agreed price.

gta online meth sell mission mc business boat drop off

However, shortly after you begin a sell mission your signal will be broadcast to everyone else in that session. This means that you can easily become a target for rival MC businesses, so we recommend stocking up on ammunition and armor before beginning.

You can also store items and sell them from warehouse storage in another business, such as a Nightclub.

Can you sell your MC Business in GTA Online?

The answer to this one is tricky, you can't completely sell your business but you can shut it down to stop any running costs/fees that you may need to pay out. However, you can shut it down and trade your business in for a new premises. Sometimes, you will get a small refund for doing this.

Shutting the business down

To shut a MC Business down, head to that business and access the laptop inside to get to the 'Open Road' website. Then, select the 'Shut Down Business' option and confirm this to stop production.

gta online mc business shut down screen

If you want to restart the same business, all you need to do is head back to the laptop in the premises and select the 'Restart Business' option from the menu on the left of the screen.

Trading the business for a new one

You can trade a business in from the laptop in your Clubhouse. However, you will lose all of your product and supplies when doing so, so we recommend trying to sell any product you have before doing this.

When you are at the laptop, simply log onto it and do what you would do to buy a business. Select the new business you want, select the 'Buy' option and you will get a warning that this will trade the existing business in for the new one.

gta online mc business trade in warning message

Confirm that you want to do this, and then you may get a message saying you are entitled to a refund for swapping business premises. Again, confirm that you want to do this and then your old business will be wiped off your map. Your new one will instantly appear on your map after you leave the laptop.

You will need to set up your new business again for the staff to start making product for you.

Now that you know everything there is to know about having a MC Business in GTA Online, you can begin your entrepreneurial journey into supplying Los Santos with illicit substances, documents and counterfeit cash. Enjoy!

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