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How to get Druddigon in the latest Pokémon Go event

Where to find the new Gen 5 dragon-type during the Dragonspiral Descent event.

Druddigon is a dragon-type and one of the last Gen 5 Pokémon to be released in Pokémon Go.

It was released as part of the Dragonspiral Descent event during December 2021 and, in celebration of this fact, a number of other dragon-type Pokémon appeared in the wild.

Druddigon doesn't evolve, so you only need to catch one! Unless you want to catch the shiny form of Druddigon, of course.

Below you'll discover how to get Druddigon in Pokémon Go before the Dragonspiral Descent event ends.

Battling and catching a Druddigon in Pokémon GoWatch on YouTube

How to get Druddigon in the latest Pokémon Go event

Druddigon, the cave Pokémon, from Gen 5 first appeared in Pokémon Go during December 2021.

You can find Druddigon throughout the Dragonspiral Descent event using the following methods:

Thanks to the methods above, you should be able to find a Druddigon during the latest Pokémon Go event - even if it takes you a bit of time.

Which method is best for you is subjective, but we recommend completing the Collection Challenge for a guaranteed Druddigon encounter. It may be a bit of a time investment for one Pokémon, but it will save you time from having to hunt down the right field research task by spinning multiple PokéStops and is perfect for players who don't like raiding.

If, however, you'd prefer to obtain Druddigon by a three-star raid, remember you have to win the raid first, so you'll need some strong trainers to back you up, and, if you run out of Premier Balls, then it will escape. This will leave you having to battle Druddigon all over again!

If field research tasks are more your style, then keep in mind that the tasks each PokéStop gives change daily so it may take you some time to find the right PokéStop. It's worth checking to see if there are any Pokémon Go groups in your local area, because a member might already know which PokéStop you need to visit.

All of these methods will become unavailable when the Dragonspiral Descent event ends on Sunday, 12th December at 8pm (local time). We don't currently know the spawn rate for Druddigon after this event ends, or if it will be appearing in the wild at all, so we highly recommend catching this Pokémon before it does so.

The Shared Skies Season is here! Currently the Slumbering Sands event is running and can still worked on the Shared Skies quest. Don't forget to try out Routes, Gift Exchange and Party Play while you're hunting down rare Pokémon, fighting in the Go Battle League or competing in PokéStop Showcases.

Good luck catching Druddigon!

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