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How to beat Bell Bearing Hunters in Elden Ring

Plus, each location where you can find them.

elden ring bell bearing hunter
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

The Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring is a recurring Field Boss that only appears at night and its likely your first encounter with them will be at the War Master's Hut in Limgrave.

There are several different locations you will encounter, and fight, this Elden Ring enemy. Some are easier than others, but all of them offer useful rewards upon defeat.

Here's our guide on where to find the War Master's Hut, all Bell Bearing Hunter locations and how to beat the Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring.

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War Master's Hut location and Bernahl's Stock

You can go to the War Master's Hut from the start, which is why it's likely this is where you'll first meet a Bell Bearing Hunter. The hut is to the east of Storm Veil Castle. Here is the location on the map where the hut with its own Site of Grace is located:

elden ring war masters hut map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

If you come here normally during the day, you will meet the Knight Bernahl in the hut, who is standing here in full armour and offering his wares.

He mainly sells Ashes of War. Click on 'Learn talent' in the dialogue window and you can unlock his wares:

  • Ashes of War: Tamper - 1500 runes
  • Ashes of War: Kick - 800 runes
  • Ashes of War: Persevere - 600 runes
  • Ashes of War: War Roar - 800 runes
  • Ashes of War: Whirling Slash - 1200 runes
  • Ashes of War: Impaling Strike - 1000 runes
  • Ashes of War: Quickstep - 800 runes
  • Ashes of War: Storm Blade - 1800 runes
  • Ashes of War: Parry - 600 runes
  • Ashes of War: No Talent - 600 runes
elden ring player talking to bernahl in war masters hut
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

So far, so good, but visit the hut at night and you may be in for a surprise. Rest until nightfall and if Bernahl is still in the hut, rest again (without letting any time pass).

Bell Bearing Hunter locations

Here are all of the locations you can find a Bell Bearing Hunter and the rewards you'll obtain for defeating them. Remember, you will only be able to face this enemy at night:


This boss only appears at night. It can appear in various locations such as in the War Master's hut in Limgrave, obviously, but also in other regions.

Defeat the Hunter in Limgrave to earn 2700 Runes and the Bone Peddler's Bell Bearing.


In the lake district of Liurnia, the Bell Bearing Hunter appears at the Church of the Vows, also only at night (during the day you will meet Miriel, Pastor of Vows):

elden ring liurnia bell bearing hunter map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Defeat the Hunter in Liurnia to get 6000 Runes and the Meat Peddler's Bell Bearing.

Altus Plateau

On the Altus Plateau, you'll find the him at night near the Hermit Merchant's Shack on the outskirts of the capital:

elden ring altus plateau bell bearing hunter map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Defeat him and you'll get 20,000 Runes and the Medicine Peddler's Bell Bearing.


By far the strongest Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring, this one appears at night at the Isolated Merchant's Shack in Caelid. Be careful not to startle the hyena dogs in the area during the fight:

elden ring caelid bell bearing hunter map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Defeat him for 50,000 Runes and the Gravity Stone Peddler's Bell Bearing.

How to defeat Bell Bearing Hunters

If you discover the hut in Limgrave right at the beginning, the Bell Bearing Hunter is a very tough opponent that you might want to save for later (his incarnations become correspondingly tougher). Otherwise, let's take a closer look at this guy.

elden ring player facing bell bearing hunter in war merchants hut
Attack while the Hunter is spawning. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Firstly, you can land a few hits while the Bell Bearing Hunter is spawning. It takes a while for him to 'really get there' and fight back, so take advantage of this.

The nasty thing about his sword is that he can swing it detached from his hand and cover a larger area with it. It then lights up red. Roll in his direction when he does this and you have a good chance to counterattack.

elden ring bell bearing hunter wide sword swipe attack
Yes, his sword moves even when detached from his hand. | Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

He also uses the sword like a kind of drill, you can recognise this attack before it happens by the fact that he charges the animation clearly with a shimmering red blade. At the last moment, jump diagonally to the side and follow up with a few hits yourself.

Watch out when his left hand starts to glow. He grabs you by the scruff of the neck and smashes you to the ground with a sword slash, dealing the heaviest damage of all his attacks (the hitbox on grabbing is very, shall we say, favourable to him). Stay back or dodge towards his body to counterattack.

elden ring bell bearing hunter charging drill sword attack
Image credit: Eurogamer/FromSoftware

Sometimes he will dash into you with his shoulder or shield, but this doesn't do too much damage, unlike the pierce and grab.

It can also be worth sticking with him to trigger his normal melee combos. These aren't very fancy and mainly consist of two-handed swings. Dodge and you'll have plenty of opportunities to attack.

Need more help? Jump back to our list of Elden Ring bosses or our Elden Ring walkthrough.

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