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Horizon Forbidden West has gyro controls

Great aim.

Guerrilla has included gyro controls for aiming in Horizon Forbidden West.

They're not on by default though, so you'll need to activate the controls in the settings - you can find "Motion Aiming" in the Controls menu.

Considering you'll spend a lot of time in the game aiming with Aloy's bow and arrow, the option of gyro controls is a great addition to the game's suite of accessibility features.

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Gyro controls have become popular for aiming in Nintendo games, in particular Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2. Here's how they look in Horizon: Forbidden West, courtesy of Twitter user hype_domek:

The option wasn't included in the first Horizon game, so it's great to see Guerrilla adding it in for the sequel.

It also makes Horizon Forbidden West the first PlayStation 5 first party game to include gyro controls since Astro's Playroom.

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