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Here's the new PlayStation Productions ident you'll be seeing ahead of its movies and TV

Starting with Uncharted.

PlayStation Productions, the arm of Sony's console empire dedicated to adapting its game properties for film and television, has formally introduced the new blue-hued ident it'll be sticking in front of its slowly burgeoning roster of movie and television shows - starting with the Uncharted movie that's in cinemas now.

As with the similarly hued PlayStation Studios animation that precedes all of Sony's recent games, the new PlayStation Productions ident serves up a star-studded roster of iconic PlayStation characters, including God of War's Kratos (and BOY), Uncharted's Nathan Drake, Horizon's Alloy, The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie, Ratchet & Clank, Astrobot, and more.

Unlike the PlayStation Studios effort, however, the characters aren't superimposed onto the PlayStation logo in a Marvel-esque fashion, but rather projected like giant blue holograms into an endless blue expense. And if you're wondering how they'd all look towering down upon you in the dark, you can currently see the ident making its debut ahead of PlayStation Productions' first major movie release - the Tom-Holland-starring Uncharted, which has got off to a solid start at picture emporiums across the UK and US despite lacklustre reviews.

That certainly won't be your only chance to get a good look at the ident either; alongside the Uncharted movie, Sony Productions is working on an adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima for the big screen, a live-action TV version of The Last of Us - already well into production - and a television adaptation of ageing destruction racer Twisted Metal, starring Anthony Mackie.

Cover image for YouTube videoUncharted - Final Trailer - Exclusively At Cinemas Now
Uncharted - Final Trailer.

And that might not be all; last week, Uncharted movie director Ruben Fleischer revealed he's currently in the throes of adapting another PlayStation property, Jak and Daxter, for the big screen - which might well star Tom Holland as Jak if the Spider-Man actor gets his wish.