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Elden Ring demake imagines PS1 port

Old Ring.

If you've wondered what Elden Ring might look like as a PS1 game, then wonder no more.

Hoolopee, a London-based 3D artist and VFX supervisor, has reimagined Elden Ring's trailer to do just that.

Now you can witness the Lands Between with all the low-res, shimmering textures and polygonal character models you might expect of a 90s classic.

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The trailer is made in the 3D software package Blender and runs in real-time. Hoolopee also shared some comparison images with Eurogamer. Check out the trailer and images below.

Watch on YouTube

This Elden Ring trailer follows similar work on Death Stranding and Resident Evil Village.

Yes, that means Sam Porter-Bridges and Lady Dimitrescu in low poly glory.

Hoolopee may not have done a similar trailer for Bloodborne, but there's a fully-playable demake for that. It's already proven incredibly popular.

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