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Heinz launches tomato awareness campaign in Fortnite

How's about splat.

Baked beans and ketchup maker Heinz has built a tomato awareness campaign in Fortnite, using a map that attempts to recreate one of its own tomato farms.

Dubbed "SOS Tomatoes", the map is designed to highlight a genuine good cause: the falling levels of soil quality worldwide due to over farming. Information on the map will detail more about the threats to soil health - and hopefully provide some proper STEM learning.

Heinz describes the experience as a "one-of-a-kind", with a faster shrinking storm to... highlight the "rapid rate at which soil health is declining". Now that's quite the pickle.

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The map features greenhouses where infant tomato plants are first raised, before they're transported to fields where they grow and mature. In other words, you'll be able to see ketchup grown right at its sauce!

Of course, the whole thing is designed to evoke some goodwill to Heinz here as well - the brand is using this to share the word that it is protecting more soil than ever and is committed to "100 percent sustainably grown tomatoes for ketchup globally by 2025" and "net zero carbon emissions by 2050".

Fortnite Heinz SOS Tomatoes.

"We can all play a part, quite literally, to protect our soil and the delicious food that grows from it," Heinz sustainability boss Cristina Kenz said. "It's a battle worth fighting for."

Want a pizza the action? You can find the SOS Tomatoes experience via Fortnite's Discover menu, or directly using Island code 1877-1435-6432.

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