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Halo 3 vidoc goes live


As promised, Bungie has released a seven-minute video dealing with Brutes in Halo 3, and offering a couple of glimpses of new weapons and even the single-player campaign.

It's up on Xbox Live Marketplace now in standard (480p, 97MB) and high definition (720p, 336MB) versions, with a non-Marketplace version due out today. You can also find it on Eurogamer TV.

The word from Bungie is that a lot of what you'll see is quite old now, and has been surpassed by subsequent coding, so don't be alarmed by unexplained grenades on the HUD, or graphics that look like placeholders.

For more disclaimery goodness, join Frank O'Connor on the Bungie website, and for a look at the trailer, fire up your Xbox 360 and head to the Game Trailers section of Xbox Live Marketplace.

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Halo 3

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